Building Learning Power

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Join a growing worldwide network of schools

In the 8 years since the book Building Learning Power was published, an ever growing number of schools from across the world have taken up the BLP principles. Schools are finding BLP practical and useful with all ages, subjects and abilities. They include infant, primary and comprehensive schools, special schools, grammar schools, academies and independent schools, outstanding schools, and those in Ofsted categories. You can see BLP at work in a tiny school in the Orkneys; George Pindar Community College in a seriously deprived area of Scarborough; Dr Challoners, a highly achieving grammar school in Amersham; Simpson school in Milton Keynes; Scots College, an independent boys school in Sydney; and schools in New Zealand, Singapore, Brazil and Canada.

Why schools take BLP on

These schools and teachers like the vision, want to work it as deeply as possible into their schools and classrooms, and are keen to help develop wider skills and dispositions for life. They like the fact that the vision and values are up front and heartfelt. They like the fact that it is full of practical ideas, and that it is open and democratic. While BLP offers them useful frameworks, it also positively encourages them to think about them, critique them and customise and develop them in their own settings.

Which schools take BLP on?

BLP appeals to schools and teachers who like to think for themselves; are reflective and honest about their own practice; are critical consumers of ideas; are open minded and willing to try something out; are patient, knowing they are on for the long haul and aren’t interested in a quick fix. They don’t give up easily in the face of setbacks; they are open with their students about what they are trying to do and involve them in reflecting on and customising the approaches. And above all they are collaborative and generous with each other about their thoughts and ideas.

BLP - something worth striving for.

Through schools and teachers with these traits, BLP has become a longitudinal and multilayered culture change process. Nothing more immediate, or more simpl