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Publications to intrigue and inform

All our publications are, in one way or another, about learning. Some are up to the minute gripping reads on what learning is all about. Others offer practical school based ideas about how to put 'learning about learning' into practice. Our publications are designed to delight and enthuse the reader to put the ideas into practice – be they teachers, learning assistants, learning mentors, senior leadership teams or parents.

The style of the books is practical, honest and reflective, full of real life examples and evidence of a wide range of different kinds. For schools that are deepening the learning practice in classrooms many of these books are required reading. For those of you who are waiting for inspiration, look no further. Our publications will intrigue you and spur you into putting learning at the heart of your endeavours.

The Learning Powered School - Pioneering 21st Century Education

- by Guy Claxton, Maryl Chambers, Graham Powell, and Bill Lucas

The Learning Powered School Book cover

An inspirational new must-read book.

Find out what the pioneers have been doing, and how it is transforming their schools. Eight years on from the classic Building Learning Power, Professor Claxton and his co-authors show how the ideas and practice have grown and flourished.

“...its multitude of suggestions for action are imaginative, practical and tested by real teachers in real schools.”

Professor Patricia Broadfoot

“...a superb, innovative, and important program...These schools will turn out not just high achievers but great all-round learners and leaders.”

Professor Carol Dweck, Stanford University


Building Learning PowerBuilding Learning Power, by Guy Claxton, book

- by Guy Claxton

This clasic, groundbreaking book shows how teachers can help young people become better learners, both in school and out.

International research into how the mind works shows that we are all capable of becoming better learners. Building Learning Power applies this research directly to the work of teachers in classrooms, to provide a practical framework for fostering lifelong learning in all young people.

To prosper in the learning age, we must learn to embrace uncertainty with robust self-confidence, and approach the future with curiosity and optimism.

Building Learning Power provides a clear direction for this exciting journey, covering:


Building 101 Ways to Learning Power

Building 101 ways to learning power, book

- by Maryl Chambers, Graham Powell, and Guy Claxton

This handbook encourages you to think that bit differently about how you can engage with your students in helping them to become better learners.

The ideas grow out of Guy Claxton’s Building Learning Power, offering practical ways for you to work with your class at exploring and expanding their learning capacities. However don’t expect an instruction manual with detailed programmes and lists of tricks: there are lists, and classroom examples, and suggestions aplenty, but they aim to prompt and guide you into creating the ideas that will work with your students.

Enjoy more rewards from your teaching as you coach your students in the processes of their own learning, with the shared knowledge that learning is learnable.


Learning Power Heroes

Learning Power Heroes, book

- by Raegan Delaney, Leanne Day, Maryl Chambers

Learning Power Heroes shows how four primary schools have embraced BLP by capitalising on every childs' ability to learn by imitation. The schools have used the idea of learning heroes - imaginary, famous, family and children themselves - to develop a personal awareness and understanding of learning power in every child and bring curriculum content to life.

Full of engaging and fun ideas that fly off the page this is destined to become a favourite source of inspiration for all classroom teachers.





Learning to Learn - The 4th Generation

Learning to Learn - The Fourth Generation

- by Guy Claxton

In this timely essay Professor Guy Claxton, looks back over the evolution of learning to learn and assesses the state of the art. He points out some of the false starts and blind alleys that have been made as the field has evolved over the last twenty years. But he argues that these pioneering ups and downs are inevitable, and that we have actually made great strides in identifying the powerful learner's habits of mind, and how to strengthen them.

In his characteristically authoritative and entertaining style, Guy Claxton guides us through this brief history, and lays out the exciting future that is in store. Where the early pioneers saw L2L in terms of revision advice and mnemonics, and their successors talked in terms of 'learning styles' and 'brain-friendly learning', the science of learning now offers a very much deeper and more challenging vision of what is possible.


Building Learning Power in Action

Building Learning Power in Action

- by Sarah Gornall, Guy Claxton, Maryl Chambers

Building Learning Power in Action shows how some schools have embraced BLP, and captures the exciting effects it is having in classrooms.

Case studies and examples illustrate how BLP transforms learning and teaching, giving students a language to talk about, understand and grow their learning habits.

The schools featured here are just a few representatives for the many teachers, teaching assistants, learning mentors and local authority staff who have taken part in TLO’s Building Learning Power™ programme – getting to grips with the principles of BLP, and being encouraged to release their creativity in putting those principles into action in their classrooms.


What's the point of schoolWhat's the Point of School?, Guy Claxton , book

- by Guy Claxton

With their emphasis on regurgitated knowledge and stressful exams, today’s schools actually do more harm than good. Guiding readers past the sterile debates about City Academies and dumbed-down exams, Claxton proves that education’s key responsibility should be to create enthusiastic learners who will go on to thrive as adults in a swiftly-changing, dynamic world. Students must be encouraged to sharpen their wits, ask questions, and think for themselves - all without chucking out Shakespeare or the Periodic Table.

Blending down-to-earth examples with the latest advances in brain science, and written with passion, wit, and authority, this brilliant book will inspire teachers, parents, and readers of all backgrounds to join a practical revolution and foster in the next generation a natural curiosity and the spirit of adventure.

Guy Claxton is one of the UK’s foremost thinkers on creativity, learning, and the brain. He is Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester, and the author and editor of over twenty books on learning and creativity, including the best-selling Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind: Why Intelligence Increases When You Think Less.

“With a focus on the demands of a new century, the information revolution, and the need to help young people find their own learning powers and passions, Guy Claxton reveals the true essence of education. Enjoy the book – and remember the point of school: to open hearts and unlock minds.”

Mick Waters, Director of Curriculum, UK Qualification and Curriculum Authority

"Why is our current school system failing so many children? How can we best educate the next generation to face the challenges of the 21st century? Professor Claxton provides a masterly analysis of what's wrong with education and how we can put it right. Every parent, teacher, and politician should read this book."

Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood