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Building Learning Power is about:


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There are many changes, pressures, dissatisfactions and opportunities that are leading thousands of people around the world to ask the kinds of hard questions out of which philosophies and approaches like BLP have sprung.



Find out how it's done

BLP has a clear social, moral and philosophical rationale. It puts at the heart of education the development of psychological characteristics that are judged to be of the highest value to young people growing up in a turbulent and demanding world.And it has a robust scientific rationale for suggesting what some of these characteristics might be, and for the guiding assumption that these characteristics are indeed capable of being systematically developed.

BLP Books

Practical, honest and reflective, full of real life examples and evidence of a wide range of different kinds. For schools that are deepening the learning practice in classrooms many of these books are required reading. For those of you who are waiting for inspiration, look no further. is the new home of Professor Guy Claxton Building Learning Power programme. This site provides information, resources and inspiration for teachers; to help young people become better learners. Learning Muscles, the 4 R's, classroom displays, helpful resources and activities are all coverd in this site. As well as video interviews with Headteachers from Building Learning Powered Schools.

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Latest BLP book

The Learning Powered School Book coverThe Learning Powered School - Pioneering 21st Century Education
- by Guy Claxton, Maryl Chambers, Graham Powell, and Bill Lucas

An inspirational new must-read book.

“...its multitude of suggestions for action are imaginative, practical and tested by real teachers in real schools.” - Professor Patricia Broadfoot

“...a superb, innovative, and important program...These schools will turn out not just high achievers but great all-round learners and leaders.” - Professor Carol Dweck, Stanford University

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